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About the job
If you are a student, graduate or career change aspirant and you are missing out on the skills to work in your dream job in Blockchain Development or hands-on experience in a startup, this is for you.

Training: 4 weeks hands-on experience, training certification, and project work at our German AI startup – Moyyn

What you will get from this program?

– Four weeks hands-on hands-on experience – in a German AI startup

– Learn and work – directly with founders and potential clients from Germany

– Do practical group Project work and build up experience in product management

Hands-on experience and Project work:

Get trains directly from the Chief Product Officer of Moyyn and get hands-on experience

– Converting any Web app to DApp

– Building a DApp from scratch

– Developing a new cryptocurrency for Moyyn

and many more exciting projects
Blockchain Development Training:

8 hours training by experienced product managers incl. guest speakers from Europe

– Fundamentals of Blockchain

– Intro to popular Blockchains

– Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency

– Mining vs Validation

– Layer 2 Blockchains

– DApps

– Token creation and deployment
Career Guidance:

Get guidance on how to land a job

– Career sessions

– Job search platforms intro

– CV preparation

– Cover letter preparation

– Interview tips

Why join our Blockchain Developer Training Program?

– hands-on experience: Get 4 weeks hands-on experience at a startup and build your portfolio

– Skill development: Learn the fundamentals of Blockchain Development

– Career advancement: Get the confidence and training to switch your career to Blockchain

– Job opportunities: Increase your job opportunities, get referred by us to our clients and partners

– Real startup projects: Work directly with our CPO on real startup projects

– Networking Join our GATE community and build your network
Posted on Sep 24, 2023.

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