Allcryptoanswers Forum /Classified Ads Rules and Procedures

Updated: July, 2022

Allcryptoanswers is a community of cryptocurrency and finance gurus who are passionate about helping others. We are a diverse community dedicated to serving in the field of cryptocurrency and investment.

Our main goal is to help individuals or groups who are interested in investing, to access quality information that will help them in decision making and hence be wealthy. We try as much as possible to answer all cryptocurrency-related questions in the best way possible. Our cryptocurrency forum is very organized and we are strict on maintaining our standards. Please follow these rules and guidelines for the smooth running of the Allcryptoanswers platform.

1. Membership

Our membership is free, meaning anyone can join. However, we do not allow people to join for the sake of joining. We delete members who use fake e-mail addresses to join our platform and also delete members who do not follow Allcryptoanswers rules and guidelines

2. Posting Guidelines

2.1 General Posting Rules
2.1.1 Posts/Topics/Questions/Threads Must Be Useful for Users.
Note that, it is very important to create posts that are relevant.Before starting a topic/thread/post/ or question ensure that it will add value to the community. Ask yourself these question;
1. Is it relevant?
2. Is it meaningful?
3. Will it benefit the Allcryptocurrency crypto community?

All threads and posts that are advertising only will be deleted and users will be warned and/or directly banned. If you want to advertise you can post on the Classified page or contact us for advertisement services. Please respect the community and you too will be respected!

2.1.2 Links Positng

If you want to share a link on the forum, please make your that you have contributed at least THREE times by either asking questions, or answering questions, or both. If you want to post a link directly without giving any value to the community, then post it on our market place. Our Classified Ads Section allows you to post your ads and links absoulutely FREE.

Note: Only one link per post allowed .

2.1.3 All Posts Must Be In ENGLISH.

Allcryptoanswers is an English speaking forum and all posts must be made in English.